365 Best Websites Around The World 2015
and Awwwards Case Studies


We bring you two brand new books, showcasing some of the best in the world of web from 2015. Both books beautifully detail notable projects of last year and are compulsory reading for web lovers, designers and developers.


365 Best Websites Around The World 2015

365 Best Websites Around The World 2015

Foreword by JB Grasset.

Great things happened in 2015 and we have compiled the best websites for you to keep as a hard copy forever. This 176 page hard back book consists of the 365 best websites of last year. A great momento to remember and be inspired by the top projects of the last twelve months.

This book is printed on Pioneer, 135g. with a Curious Metallic white, 120 g. foil stamped hardcover.

176 pages. Color. Format: 17 x 24 cm.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Would you like to know the story behind the ‘making of’ some of the most innovative and successful sites of last year? Awwwards Case Studies gives Dpdk, Hinderling Volkart, Apt, Hook and Clubhouse Studios the opportunity to share in detail the who, what ,when, where and why of the decisions made when constructing their cutting edge projects

This book is printed on Kraft Liner, 300 g. paperback and Pioneer, 135 g. Cyclus Offset, 115 G. Sewn Bound.

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On buying this book you will also receive a free copy of Awwwards Case Studies.

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