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Job at Stepsize (London, United Kingdom) in Design - August 10 2017

Stepsize seeks a UI/UX Designer.

Stepsize’s mission is to make software development universally accessible by abstracting away programming languages. This is the first sentence of the job description because it is crucial to us that we hire people who identify with our mission viscerally so that they can carry it forward.

Layer, our first product, is a search tool for engineering teams, giving developers one place to quickly dig up any information they need about their codebase. This helps them reach peak productivity, stay well-informed, and reduces the friction inherent in collaboration. Layer achieves this by integrating with the main tools they use every day (version control, code hosting, project management, continuous integration, communication, etc.), structuring that data, and making it searchable via a desktop application.

Developers can perform searches via the Layer interface, but also directly from the code itself and in response to git commands.

Over time, we’ll leverage the data available to us to introduce intelligent assistive products to automate the vast majority of what is known today as software development, allowing anyone with an idea to create software without writing any code.

Stepsize is backed by some of the best investors on the planet and has ample runway to iterate towards product market fit.

Your Role:

Designing Layer is about creating a shared external memory for engineering teams, turning the avalanche of information they generate every day into a tidy archive of their activities that they can easily access to understand who wrote a piece of code and why, what broke the latest release, or who they should turn to for help.

If the thought of bringing order to chaos, separating the uninteresting from the significant, and creating a professional tool that millions of developers will come to rely on to get things done every day excites you, this is the role for you. We are looking for someone who can help us design interfaces that display just the right information and fit snugly into developers’ workflows, and to take the lead in shaping our design culture.

You will be joining a very tight founding team of four long-time friends and the first two engineers on their exciting adventure to shape the modern developer’s workflow and push the limits of what people expect from devtools. Expect full support from a team looking to make design a core part of the product development process and who want nothing more but to make you part of Stepsize’s DNA.

If you’re a self-starter who wants nothing more than to run with your own initiatives and who appreciates candid discussions then you’ll feel right at home :)


Skills & tools

  • Proficient with a design tool (Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Affinity, or another visual design tool)
  • Capable of producing storyboards, user flows, and process flows
  • Capable of establishing a design system
  • Strong communication skills to present your designs
Domain knowledge

  • Experience working closely with developers and a refined understanding of how engineering teams function
  • Understanding of software development tools – in particular version control systems and code hosting tools
  • Experience designing products to retrieve and consume information
  • Experience with data visualisations


  • Experience designing a tool for engineers / software development teams
  • Experience working as a developer in a team of 5 or more
  • Experience with SVG
  • Experience with CSS animations
  • Copywriting experience
  • Knowledge of typography

How to Apply

Please send us your CV and cover letter (optional) at and tell us why you’d be awesome for this position :)

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